About Us

Birthday Balloon is committed to offering our customers affordable quality balloons for every occasion. Our journey started when Mey was planning her daughter Glee's 3rd Birthday Party--the first time she had planned a children's birthday party.  The theme was farm animals, and Mey wanted to make the event extra special by including a foil balloon with each loot bag. However, she had a hard time finding balloons that would fit her theme and budget. Mey soon came to realize that her friends, family, and colleagues were all in similar situations with their children's birthday parties.

Around this time, Mey visited a tradeshow because she wanted to carry more gift items at our pharmacy. There she stumbled upon a balloon wholesaler. With inspiration from Glee, she knew immediately that she wanted to bring balloons into our store. She thought that at least she wouldn’t have a problem finding balloons when planning Glee’s 4th birthday!  And, remembering that she had spoken to other parents who were having trouble finding quality balloons, she decided to start Birthday Balloon to help them throw parties at affordable prices.

BirthdayBalloon.ca, our online shop, started because Mey was looking for a way to showcase all the balloon possibilities.  She didn't want to limit customers to a selection in a tiny corner of our pharmacy when they can have access to thousands balloon designs. 

Once established, we began receiving very positive feedback on the convenience and the user-friendly nature of the website. Busy parents now have the option to order balloons online from the comfort of their home, saving themselves from trips to the party supply store. To make picking up the balloons even more convenient, Mey expanded the number of pick-up locations.

Mey personally selects all the balloons carried by BirthdayBalloon.ca to be sure that they meet her high standards. She strives to offer a larger selection of balloons at lower prices than our competitors. Her staff has been meticulously trained to fill each balloon to ensure that they last as long as possible. Client satisfaction is BirthdayBalloon.ca's most important goal.

And BirthdayBalloon.ca is more than just balloons for birthdays. We offer balloons for many events, including business openings, retirement, baby showers, holiday parties and more. You will also find party ideas on our blog and our Pinterest boards. And, we'd love to hear about how you used our balloons at your parties as well.