Children are our future!

"Children are our future!" That goes without saying at Birthday Balloon. We believe that every child deserves a chance to achieve their dreams, and that they should have fun but also work hard to reach their goals. We are passionate about supporting them and providing them with the means to raise the money they need to reach those goals. When an opportunity arises for us to support kids in our community, we jump at the chance. 

Please check out the profiles of our featured kids.  Each of them has a story, every story starts with a dream, and each child has something unique to offer. You can support them by purchasing one of their art pieces or simply make a donation.  Your generosity will not only help these kids realize their dreams but also give them self confidence, an important gift for every growing child!  Please remember: 100% of the money from this section goes directly to each particular child.

And, if you know of someone we should help support, please let us know about their story by emailing us