Frequent Asked Questions

1) Does my balloon come inflated?

YES! Just pick out your balloons and we will inflate them a couple of hours before pickup to ensure there is no leakage or damage.  Also, each balloon will be tied with a matching ribbon!


2) How far in advance do I need to place my order prior to pickup?

For large orders, please order at least 3 days in advance as it may take up to 3 days to process if the desired balloons are at our warehouse.  Smaller orders are usually available for same day pickup.


3) When can I pickup my balloons?

Your order will be ready by 10am on the pickup date.  When you order $50 or more you can save 10% with the pickup option.  Just follow the instruction at checkout.


4) What do I need when picking up my balloons?

Please bring your receipt and come with an appropriate size vehicle. 


5) Can I make special requests?

Yes, just reply to your confirmed order email with your special instructions.  We will try our very best to accommodate your request.  If, for whatever reason, we can't fulfill your requests we will notify you immediately.


6) How are my balloons prepared?

All balloons will be bagged together in a large, clear plastic bag.  This way, it will be easy to transport and you can easily sort them and arrange them as you wish.


7) How long do different types of balloon last?

The two most common methods of filling a balloon are air and helium.  Because helium molecules are much smaller than air, it is much harder to maintain helium balloons.  Untreated helium-filled latex balloons will only float for 8 hours or so.  While air-filled latex balloons last a little longer.  As the balloon starts to shrink, it becomes thicker which help slow down air loss.   HI-FLOAT treated helium-filled balloons float 25 times longer on average.  

Foil is much denser than latex so air loss is minimized.  Helium-filled foil balloons will last up to a week while air-filled foil balloons can last forever if properly sealed.  


8) Can foil balloons be treated with HI-FLOAT?

HI-FLOAT is created especially for latex balloons to increase the density so that air loss can be reduced.  Unfortunately, it won't increase the already high density of foil so treatment is unnecessary. 


9) Why does my foil balloon shrivel up only after ONE day?

When there is a drastic change in temperature between indoors and outdoors in the winter time, balloons can be affected.  When a balloon is taken outside, it will shrivel in the cold as the air in the balloon compresses.  However, it should expand again when returned to a warmer temperature.  If this isn't the case, there might be a slow leak along the seam somewhere.  At, all of our foil balloons are tested before delivery or pickup to avoid disappointment.


10) Why does my HI-FLOAT treated balloon last only for 2-3 days?

Everyone loves playing with balloons!  However, this can cause the balloon float time to reduce drastically. Different movements and jostling can cause damage to the HI-FLOAT coating which is not apparent from the outside.  HI-FLOAT treated balloon will last up to 7 days in optimal condition. 


11) I saw a balloon I really like elsewhere and can't seem to find it on your website, can you do anything to help?

Yes, just send us a picture with the manufacturer if possible, and we will check with our suppliers.  There are many new balloons and designs and even with constant updates to our website inventory we cannot possibly capture everything that is available.


12) Can I just buy the balloons un-inflated?

Yes, please contact us for large order discounts.


13) Do I need to enter my shipping address even if I am picking up my order?

Yes, please be sure to fill in your shipping address, as well as your billing address, even if you are picking up. You will be able to select the option to pick up your balloons during the next step of the checkout process. Our shopping cart software requires shipping address even for pickup orders.


14) Can I use the balloons outside?

Absolutely! But please be aware that helium is heat-sensitive. In cold air your balloons may shrivel and appear deflated. They will regain their shape when brought inside where the air is warmer.

Extreme heat or exposure to direct sunlight may cause the helium inside your balloons to expand, and this could make your balloons burst. We would be happy to slightly under-fill your balloons to help prevent this from happening if you plan to use them outdoors. Just let us know.