Dora the Explorer Bouquet & Party Packages


Hola, birthday girl!  Our Dora the Explorer Balloon Bouquet features a shaped balloon of Dora with pals Backpack and The Map.  Two round balloons that read "Happy Birthday" below Dora's image and two heart balloons in pink and purple complete this sweet bouquet.  Decorate your Dora the Explorer birthday party with our cute Dora balloon bouquet!

Dora the Explorer Party Package: Balloon bouquet for up to 5 kids.
1 Dora Balloon foil - 32"
2 Standard Dora Balloon foil - 18"
2 Solid Heart Shaped Balloon - 18"

Party Package #1: Small size party for up to 10 kids.    
1 Bouquet
5 matching Latex Balloons 
Party Package #2: Medium size party for up to 15 kids.
1 Bouquet
10 matching Latex Balloons
Party Package #3: Large size party for up to 20 kids.
1 Bouquet
15 matching Latex Balloons


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